Knee & Shoulder Surgery--Arthroscopy & Total Knee Replacement

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique. It is performed with the assistance of a camera, arthroscope and specialized equipment through small incisions. Arthroscopy is commonly performed to treat injuries of the knee, shoulder, hip and elbow. The technique improves surgical results and shortens the recovery time after surgery by minimizing injury to the joint and tissues. Procedures performed artroscopically result in less post-operative scarring and pain.

Dr. Heckman specializes in knee and shoulder surgery and arthroscopic knee and shoulder procedures.  He routinely performs knee arthroscopies using a "two portal technique" under local anesthesia and IV sedation. This allows his patients to avoid a general anaesthetic.  He performs total knee and total shoulder replacement surgery for those patients whom have failed conservative management of their arthritis and are experiencing pain that is affecting the quality of their lives.


Viscosupplementation and Orthopaedic Stem Cell Therapy

Viscosupplementation treatments utilize hyaluronic acid a natural occurring substance in joint synovial fluid. Hyaluronic acid improves joint lubrication and assists in reducing inflammation and pain due to arthritis. The treatment involves a series of injections of a gel like substance into the joint with ultrasound guidance to assure proper placement of the medication.

Stem cell therapy uses your body's own or donated stem cells as a treatment option for degenerative orthopedic and inflammatory conditions.  They may also be used in surgery to provide assistance with the healing of microfractures, tendon repairs and grafts used in reconstructions. In appropriate cases, Dr. Heckman will utilize Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP, autologous (your own stem cells)from bone marrow aspiration, and allograft (donor amniotic stem cells) orthopedic stem cell therapy.